Sit-Down Gaming

“Alright, it’s Saturday night. I have no date, A 2-Liter bottle of Mountain Dew, and my all-Gorillaz mix CD. Let’s rock.”

Those were the days. All-night Halo, going for 100% completion on Kingdom Hearts II or Final Fantasy XIII, or experiencing the story of a new game I’d wanted to play for a while.

But those days are long gone, and now I have a backlog pile as tall as me. I’m more of a video game collector than a gamer at this point. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just wish I had the capacity to sit down and play a game now.

If a game is on Nintendo Switch I’m probably three times as likely to play it than if it was just on a home console. I’ve got a Series X and a PS5, but they remain primarily untouched at this point. I’ve played Halo Infinite on the Xbox and beat Astro’s Playroom on my PlayStation, but other than that, I’ve had a hard time starting Spider-Man, The Last of Us, or The Quarry. Nor have I taken the initiative to finish games I started years ago, like God of War and Final Fantasy XV. But, just this year, I’ve been able to work through Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Pokemon Legends Arceus, Coffee Talk, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Unpacking, Doki Doki Literature Club Plus, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge–all on the Switch–because it’s portable nature. I never even play on a docked Switch, unless it’s a local multiplayer game. I just carry my Switch Lite around with me, and that’s all I need.

College Nick

Back in college, I had a lot more expendable income and a lot more expendable free time, so I set myself up to catch up on all the quality gaming I missed being a child who mostly played Pokemon. I bought and played so many games. And I stayed up-to-date with new releases like Red Dead Redemption and Halo Reach. It felt like all we did in college was play games. During my freshman year, there were two weird L-shaped rooms that resulted from splitting up the third room in the middle. One room had two doors, and the other (our room) had a sort of back hallway. My roommate and I took advantage of this by bunking our beds in the hidden back half, creating so much room for activities! We had two TVs, a mini fridge, and a microwave. We even “borrowed” (seriously, we put it back at the end of the year) a couch from the lobby of our dorm to create the ultimate gaming space.

Our dorm was the place to hang out. We were friends with almost everyone on our floor, so we left our door open and unlocked pretty much all the time. It was a whole community setup. I have a fond memory of going to sleep to the sounds of someone playing Metal Gear Solid and waking up the following morning to the same person playing Metal Gear Sold 2: Twin Snakes. Another time, a friend from a different dorm asked to crash on our couch because his roommate was sick. Around 2 AM, he declares that he’s going to go sleep in the study room because “you guys party too hard for me.”

I can’t live like that anymore. Games no longer equal life. There are too many things to do–too many responsibilities, too much media to consume, too many people to see–and not enough time or energy to do all of them.

I am 1/7 of the way through Live A Live (allegedly)

But I want to play more console games. I want to get through my backlog. I also want to start getting back into streaming, which I have recently. I’ve begun simulcasting my live Pokemon card streams on Instagram Live and Twitch, I streamed the DLC courses for New Pokemon Snap, and I’ve even committed to playing through one of my most anticipated games this year–Live A Live–on Twitch. It seems like a winning strategy, right? Forcing myself to sit down and play a game on stream that I usually wouldn’t sit down and play. So I’ve created a little spreadsheet, as I tend to do, that helps me track which games I would like to play on stream once I finish Live A Live. It is divided by platform and includes hits like Spider-Man, God of War, FFXV, Halo Infinite, Gears of War 4 and 5, The Last of Us games, Until Dawn, The Quarry, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more! I’m hoping that this commitment will help boost the number of games I complete this year (and expand the platforms I actually touch).

All this is to say, follow me on Twitch (! And hey, if you miss a stream, I usually upload them on YouTube the next day!



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