Comic Relief: ‘Kingdom Come’

The pandemic left a pretty large gap for a lot of us in terms of hobbies and human connection. We’ve all found our own ways to cope and try to fill those holes – weekly Zoom calls, virtual watch parties, annual online gaming sessions – but one of my new favorite traditions (that actually onlyContinue reading “Comic Relief: ‘Kingdom Come’”

New Year, New Blog

Hello and welcome to the new exciting world of 2021…or something like that. As of writing this, the United States is dealing with the incredibly fresh wound inflicted by a large group of armed terrorists breaking into the Capitol building with the intention of preventing the certification of the 2020 presidential election in order to overthrowContinue reading “New Year, New Blog”

SpecScript – “The Good Place”

BLACK SCREEN AS NARRATOR’S VOICE BREAKS THE SILENCE: NARRATOR Last time on “The Good Place”… FADE IN: We see quick flashes of carefully selected scenes from the series’ 9 year history: David setting out on his quest to find “The Good Place”, Dracula describing his plan to make the entire planet one big “Bad Place”,Continue reading “SpecScript – “The Good Place””